Below you can find some of the highest quality natural plant extracts available. Should you require any plant extracts not mentioned below, please include it in your enquiry



Arnica Has Antiseptic, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Decongestive And Antifungal Properties. It Also Stimulates The Forming The Granular Tissues And Thus Accelerating The Healing Process. It Eliminates Micro-Organisms And Keeps Bacteria And Pathogenic Funguses From Multiplying. Other Medicinal Uses Of This Herb Involve The Treatment Of Bruises, Dislocations, Bacterial


The Substance Consists Of Mucilage And Other Minerals. Volatile Oil Is Also A Component. When Taking Bladderwrack, You May Explore The Metabolic Stimulant, Anti-Rheumatic, And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. Fucoidan Is Another Dietary Fiber Found In Bladderwrack. It Possesses Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Hiv, Anticoagulant, And Antibacterial Properties. Bladderwrack Is Filled With Minerals That Help Nourish And Cleanse The Skin Of Toxins That Cause Dryness, Wrinkles And Excess Fluid Retention


Despite The Fact That Burdock Has Been Used For Centuries To Treat A Variety Of Conditions, Few (If Any) Scientific Studies Have Been Published. However, Many Professional Herbalists Use Burdock For Skin And Scalp Conditions, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, And Wound Healing. In Addition, Burdock Is Used For Inflammatory Burdock Has Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antifungal, Diaphoretic, Diuretic And Antipyretic Properties. It Is Considered To Be A 'Blood Purifier" And As Such It Clears The Bloodstream Of Toxins. In Addition, It Can Be Applied Topically To Relieve Skin Problems. In Folk Medicine, Burdock Has Been Used To Treat Inflammation, And Is Therefore A Herb Of Choice In The Treatment Of Eczema, Acne, Boils And Carbuncles, Psoriasis And Other Similar Skin Conditions.Burdock's Effect On The Skin Is Attributed To The Above Mentioned Properties And When Combined With Other Herbs It Is Ideal For Use In The Treatment Of Skin Disorders Where There Is A Component Of Inflammation And Irritation Of The Skin.


Chamomile Is An Ideal Ingredient To Be Used In General Skin Care, And Especially Where Inflammation May Be Present, Such As In Various Skin Problems, Including Acne, Irritation And Other Forms Of Rashes And Skin Complaints, Plus The Fact That It Promotes Granulation And Cell Regeneration


Helps For Psoriasis. Psoriasis Is A Non-Contagious Skin Disorder That Most Commonly Appears As Inflamed Swollen Skin Lesions Covered With Silvery White Scale. Among Several Types Of Psoriasis, There Is Plaque Psoriasis, Which Is Characterized By Raised, Inflamed (Red) Lesions Covered With A Silvery White Scale. The Scale Is Actually A Buildup Of Dead Skin Cells. There Is Also Guttate Psoriasis Characterized By Small Red Dots Of Psoriasis, Which May Have Some Scales.


Coconut Oil For The Skin Acts As An Ideal Natural Lotion That Helps In Preventing Destructive Free-Radical Formation.It Will Help In Preventing Spots And Other Blemishes That Are Caused Due To Aging Or Overexposure To Sunlight. It Helps In Strengthening The Connective Tissues And Making Them Suppler, Which In Turn Helps In Preventing Wrinkles. The Oil Helps In Limiting The Damage Caused By Sunlight As It Is Easily Absorbed By The Skin And The Underlying Cellular Tissues. It Also Has Healing And Repairing Properties That Help In Rejuvenating The Skin And Bringing Back The Youthful Appearance.


Because It Contains Active Substances Like Tannin And Potassium Salts, Cornflower Has Astringent, Anti-Inflammatory And Soothing Properties.
Due To Its Soothing Effects, Cornflower Is Used In Treating Facial Muscles And Wrinkles. It Is Also Used In Treating Afflictions Like Eczemas And Ulcerations.
In Popular Medicine, Cornflower Is Used As Infusion To Threat The Dark Rings Bellow The Eyes. The Active Substances Contained In Cornflower Deter The Formation Of The Rings Below The Eyes, And At The Same Time Smoothes The Skin Around The Eyes. Locally, Cornflower Detoxifies The Body.


Cucumber Is An Excellent Source Of Silica, Which Is A Trace Mineral That Contributes To The Strength Of Our Connective Tissue. Connective Tissue Is What Holds Our Body Together. Cucumbers Are Effective When Used For Various Skin Problems, Including Swelling Under The Eyes And Sunburn. They Also Contain Ascorbic And Caffeic Acids. These Acids Prevent Water Retention. That May Explain Why When Cucumbers Are Applied Topically They Are Often Helpful For Swollen Eyes, Burns, And Dermatitis. It Is Believed That Cucumber Helps In Reducing Swelling Around The Eyes Or The Big Dark Circles Under Your Eyes. This Is World-Wide Treatment Which Is Being Used To Its Maximum Extent.

Elder tree

The Flowers Contain Glycosides, Tanins, Mucilages, Sapins, Pectins, Essential Oil, Vitamin C And Mineral Salts. In The Fruits, Alkaloids, Carotene, Tanins, Organic Acids And Vitamins A, B And C Can Be Found. The Leaves Contain Vitamin C And The Bark Is Rich In Tanins, Resines And Valerenic Acid. All These Compounds Give The Plant Anti-Inflammatory And Antiseptic Properties.

Evening Primrose

Help Clean The Pores, And Then Heal Any Damage Caused By The Acne To The Skin. In This Way Scars Caused By The Pustules Can Be Minimized. When It Used On Inflammatory Skin Conditions, It Soothes The Burning Sensation Of Eczema, And Helps To Alleviate The Redness And Itching Of That And Of Acne And Psoriasis. The Oil Has Also Been Found Effective In Treating Various Forms Of Dermatitis, Including Some Severe Industrial Forms Of The Condition. It Also Offers Many Other Benefits To Your Skin, Including Rejuvenating Old And Dry Skin, Removing Small Wrinkles Around Your Mouth And Eyes, Helping To Make Your Skin Feel Silky And Smooth, Removing Minor Blemishes, Helping To Smooth And Cure Acne Skin And Accelerating The Rejuvenation Of Skin Affected By Psoriasis.

German Chamomile (Matricaria)

The Anti-Inflammatory Effect Of The Essential Oil Applied Topically Improves Skin Regeneration, And A Cold Compress Does Wonders For Puffy Eyes. Matricaria Is An Ideal Ingredient To Be Used In General Skin Care, And Especially Where Inflammation May Be Present, Such As In Various Skin Problems, Including Acne, Irritation And Other Forms Of Rashes And Skin Complaints, Plus The Fact That It Promotes Granulation And Cell Regeneration.


By Using Grapefruit Oil, Many People Suffering From Acne And / Or Oily Skin May Notice Significant Improvements. Grapefruit Oil Can Help Alleviate The Skin's Over-Production Of Oil, Helping To Dry Out Greasy Areas Of Both The Face And The Scalp. In Addition, Grapefruit Oil Can Reduce And/Or Eliminate Breakouts And Pimples.


Nourish The Skin. Contains Powerful Antioxidants Which Fight Free Radicals And Reverse Aging. Antibacterial And Antifungal Agent. It Helps Disinfect And Speed The Healing Process In Wounds, Scrapes And Burns. Honey Binds Moisture To The Skin And Helps It Stay Hydrated. So It Not Only Smoothes Dry, Rough, Wrinkled Skin, But Honey Also Makes Skin Supple And Plumps Up Wrinkles.


An Anti-Inflammatory Extract Which Also Has A Mild Firming Action. The Anti-Histamine Action And Relaxant Functions Of The Hops Is Also Very Useful In Cases Of Skin Problems. Creams Containing The Hops Are Used To Keep The Skin Soft And Supple And Are Used In The Role Of Wrinkle Delaying Lotions. Hops Also Have A Strong Antiseptic Action And This Is Effective In Treating Cuts, All Sorts Of Skin Wounds And Ulcers On The Body.

Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut Is Valued In Herbal Medicine For Its Ability To Tone And Strength Veins And Capillaries. Traditionally The Horse Chestnut Leaf And Bark Are Used To Make A Tea To Treat And Strengthen Varicose Veins. Horse Chestnut Can Be Combined With Other Herbs To Treat Congestion And Is A Defense Against Wrinkles

Horse Tail

Horsetail Helps Retain Water In Pericardium, Or In Renal Disorders After The Occurrence Of Such Illnesses As Scarlatina And Other Infectious Diseases Which Cause Issues In Eliminating Water


Ivy Will Act As A Penetrating Agent, Relieving Congestion And Favouring Exchanges As Well As Toxins Removal. It Will Also Gently Clear Off Sebum Excess Clear Off Dead Cells, Prevent Sebaceous Reactions From Irritated Sebaceous Glands And Improve Skin Smoothness.


Jojoba Oil Is A Natural Product And Is Characterized By Being Non-Irritant And Non-Allergic To Skin And Mucous Membrane. This Oil Has Lubricant, Moisturizing And Soothing Properties, As Well As Having Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Oxidant Properties. It Has A Very High Healing Power And Improves Blood Circulation, And Also Has High Penetration Into Stratum Corneum. It Has Exceptional Skin-Softening Properties, As Well As The Ability To Minimize Fine Lines And Wrinkles, Promoting Skin Suppleness While Assisting With The Rejuvenation Of The Skin. It Forms A Non-Greasy, Non-Tacky Layer With Exceptional Trans-Epidermal Water Control – Thereby Prevent Dehydration Of The Skin And Excessive Water Loss.Very Importantly - It Helps To Balance The Production Of Sebum - Your Skin's Own Lubricating Medium.Jojoba Oil Is Well Tolerated By People With Skin Problems And Does Not Aggravate Acne, And Also Helps To Break Down Sebum In Plugged-Up Pores.

Ladies Mantle

The Most Important Function Of Lady’s Mantle In Skin Care Is The Toning And Binding Effect It Has On Loose Sagging Skin, And The Fact That It Helps To Prevent The Destruction Of The Connective Tissue, As Well As Protecting Newly Formed Fibers. The Active Compounds Have Anti-Microbial Properties And Are Also Known As Effective Free Radical Scavengers, Blocking Elastase. The Herb Has A Soothing Action, As Well As Astringent And Styptic Properties, Due To Its Tannin Content, Which Is Also Helpful In Wound Healing And Helps To Strengthen The Connective Tissue.


While Vitamin C Is Richly Contained By Lemon, It Has An Anti-Oxidizing Role, Vitamin Pp Offers Vascular Protection. Also, Vitamin C Has An Important Role In The Synthesis Of Collagen In The Tissues, Cartilages And Bones, Also Being Anti-Inflammatory. A Direct Action Of This Is Manifested Through The Fluidization Of The Blood - A Process Which Does Not Limit The Coagulation Of Blood In Case Of Injuries. Therefore, The Blood Circulates Easier Though The Blood Vessels, Becoming More Fluid.


Linden Flowers Have In Their Composition Sugar, Gallic And Catechol Acids, And Also Essential Oil, Which Give The Plant Neurosedative And Antispastic Properties, Reducing Inflammations


The Mallow Plant Can Be Found Growing In Damp, Wet Areas Including Meadows And Marshes. While Native To Regions Of Europe, The Mallow Plant Now Grows In The United States As Well. The Root And Leaves Of The Plant Are Used Medicinally. For Many Years Mallow Plants Have Been Used To Relieve Chapped Skin And Minor Wounds. Both The Root And The Leaf Of The Mallow Plant Contain A Substance Known As Mucilate, A Mucusy Substance That Does Not Dissolve In Water. This Attribute Of The Mallow Plant Gives It The Ability To Soothe Irritation Of The Skin. Mallow Is Also Believed To Have A Limited Ability To Fight Infection And Boost The Immune System.

Marigold (Calendula)

The Active Compounds Found In Marigold Have The Quality Of Stimulating Blood Circulation And Speeding Up The Healing Periods. Marigold Flowers Contain A Bitter Compound, Volatile Oil. They Have Healing, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial And Soothing Effects. They Are A Considerable Source Of Flavonoids, Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Proteins And Resins, Among Others. The Contained Bio-Flavonoids Reduce The Fragility Of The Capillary Blood Vessels.


The Most Active Substance Found In This Root, Pirathrine, Which Is Colourless Crystal Like Thing. Apart From This It Contains Little Amount Of Oil, Which Evaporates And Stagnant Oil, 50% Insulin Substance Is Also Found. Qualities: It Is Strengthening And Cures Swelling. It Strengthens The Nervous System, And Relieves Pain.

Pine Tree

The Most Important Health Benefit Of Pine Essential Oil Is In Treating Various Skin Problems. Dermatologists Often Prescribe The Oil In Treating Psoriasis, Itching, Pimples, Eczema, Skin Diseases, Poor Skin, Scabies, Sores, And Fleas. It Gives You A Balanced, Smooth, Renewed And Shinny Skin. Treating Skin Disorders Like Hyper Pigmentation And Erythema Is Another Health Benefit Of Pine Bark Extract. Hyper Pigmentation Is Too Much Color In The Skin, While Erythema Causes Too Much Blood Flow In The Skin Resulting In Redness, Spots And Blisters.The Health Benefits Of Pine Bark Extract Have Made It A Popular Product That Now Appears In Hundreds Of Products Such As Natural Supplements And Cosmetics.

Queen Meadows

Due To The Spireine, Whose Agly3cones Are By-Products Of The Salicylic Acid, The Product Has An Anti-Rheumatic Action, And The Flavonoids Are Responsible For Its Antiseptic, Germicidal, Anti-Inflammatory, Healing, Astringent, Diaphoretic, Tonic, Sedative Action.


Rosemary Oil Tones And Firms The Skin. The Herb Is An Astringent, Helping To Reduce Excess Oil In Skin And Hair, According To Frontier Natural Products. Rosemary Tones And Firms Sagging Skin And It Is Used As An Ingredient In Anti-Aging Products. The Disinfectant And Antibiotic Properties Of Rosemary Contribute To Its Use For Treating Acne, Dermatitis And Eczema, According To Guide To Herbal Remedies.Circulatory Effects - Rosemary Increases Blood Flow And Contributes To Healthier Skin. The Circulatory Benefits Of Rosemary Lead To An Improved Complexion, Allowing Nutrients To Effectively Reach The Skin While Removing Waste Products And Toxins. Rosemary Oil Improves Skin Tone By Reducing Puffiness And Swelling.


The Parts Of This Herb From Above The Ground Contain Volatile Oil. The Leaves Contain Tannin, Acids, Estrogen Substances, And Vitamins B1 And C. Because Of These Compounds, Meadow Sage Has Carminative, Estrogen, Astringent And Antiseptic Properties. It Is Used As A Bitter Eupeptic And As A Stimulant Due To Its Hypothermic Effect.


The Hormone-Like Saponins Contained In The Root Produce A Lather On Contact With Water. It Has An Ancient Reputation Used Both Internally And Externally For Treating Skin Conditions Such As Psoriasis, Eczema, Boils, And Acne, And The Herb's Main Use In Modern Herbology Is In The Treatment Of Skin Conditions.

St John's Wort's%20wort.jpg

St. John’s Wort Is Mostly Used Externally In The Form Of Macerated Herbal Oil, An Infusion Or Tincture, But These Preparations Are Increasingly Being Added To Creams, Lotions And Ointments. Use Antiviral/Anti-Inflammatory And Healing Ointments, Creams, Treatment Oils Or Gels For Its Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory And Astringent Properties. These Products Can Be Used For The Treatment Of First Degree Burns, Sunburn, Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises, Boils, Minor Skin Irritations And Inflammations, Eczema, Rheumatic And Muscular Aches And Pains Associated With The Nervous System. Excellent For Products For Sensitive Skin, Easily Irritated Skin And Infected Acne Or Spots. Add To After-Sun Products Such As Creams, Gels And Treatment Oils For Its Soothing Effects On The Skin And Sunburn. Good In Baby Products For Calming Nappy Rashes, Sensitive Or Inflamed Skin.


Its Stimulating Qualities And The Minerals It Contains Make Watercress Important Nutritionally. It Will Bring Minerals, Amino Acids, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids That Will Sooth, Moisturize And Scale Stratum Corneum And Help In Case Of Combination Skins.

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